Saturday, October 28, 2017

I'm Back!!! :)

Hello, hello! 

It's been a whiiillle. 

This afternoon I got the chance to reread my old blog posts and realised how I missed my old 2015 self. I was so generous at sharing my thoughts and art-related experiences back then and I admire how I really made time for writing. 

I realised I've focused more on making art this year and the last, and have become a bit laconic about it. I am still sharing my artworks thru Instagram and Facebook but I'm not making lengthy write ups anymore as I did here before. I miss doing it! feeling a bit rusty but hopefully I'll be able to go back to writing again soon. :)

A lot has happened (art-related :)) this year and the last, and I can't wait to share them with you. 

A little preview, I'm still doing paper cutting, paper flowers and wire art, so my future posts will more likely be about these 3 still. ;)

And as a returning entry post, I'd like to share a few photos of my recent works. 

Enjoy and see you again real soon! 😊

Handmade paper flowers + wire typography as award necklace

Handmade floral planner clips

"Strength in Vulnerability" in paper cutting (exhibit piece)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

OTWOL's The Bouquet That Never Wilts

Leah holding #thebouquetthatneverwilts

I am just so happy, humbled and grateful to create something beautiful for one of my favorite local shows, On The Wings of Love. Huge thanks to the show's production designer and one of my idols, Digo Ricio, for this amazing opportunity. I'll never forget the day when I received a call from him regarding this project. I was actually assigned to do other wedding props, which are also exciting and challenging, but the Universe heard my plea and so I was assigned to do the bouquets and name plates instead. *Yey!*

And since I only have 2 hands and less than 2 weeks to complete the bride and the whole entourage' bouquets, I asked help from my most awesome and ever supportive team that is my family - my mother, siblings, aunt and cousin. I taught them how and they learned and worked fast that suddenly, our living room was  turned into a makeshift workshop. And for this I am beyond grateful. It's feels amazing to know that my family supports me and my craft and that they enjoyed doing it too.

It was my first time to do a paper flower bouquet with papercuts and at first I thought I can't do it. I don't know how I am going to assemble the pieces, especially the small-sized and delicate papercuts. It was almost 3 a.m., I'm about to panic and feel like giving up, when an idea/inspiration magically appeared. Thank you, God! :) I obliged and happily collaborated with the idea/inspiration and so I was able to do a sound execution.

It's as if inspiration is telling me to stay calm and continue  working, because she is always just around watching and will  magically appear as the need be, but first, she has to see me initiating the work.

Here are some photos of the bouquets I made.

(Front view)

(Top view)

The hashtag or the name, The Bouquet That Never Wilts was first used by Mr. Digo Ricio, the show's production designer, when he posted a photo of it in his Instagram account in the morning of February 26, 2016.

Set of 12 and set of 18 bouquets

Flower girls carrying their paper flowers

Paper flowers + handcut foliage for flower girls

Paper flower balls for the secondary sponsors

Handlettered and hand-cut nameplate for #Jadine's dressing rooms during their concert

Handlettered and hand-cut nameplate for #Jadine's dressing rooms during their concert

Photo with #JaDine 

Ms. Nadine Lustre liked it too and she even asked for it personally and so I gave it to her. I'm a huge fan of the show and JaDine, of course, so it's really a pleasure to have done it. :)

I hope and pray that I'll have more projects like this in the future. I love what I do and it warms my heart to know that my joy in making my craft rubs off on others.

'Til my next craft adventure!

Photo of myself holding #thebouquetthatneverwilts before I deliver it on set.

- Leeanne ;)

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Happy Trio

Hello friends! Hello 2016! :)

I already have said countless times that I love working with paper as an art medium, and I'm not sure if I have included its cousin, white glue, to my favorite craft materials aside from craft knives/scissors. So there, I've said it. I am a huge fan of this trio ever since I decided to finally embrace my artsy-craftsy-happy-self.

••Paper, craft knife/scissors & white glue••

Let me tell you how I see my happy trio;

A delicate thing to work with, a sharp tool to manipulate it and something kind of liquid to bind or connect it all together to form something new and amazing.

Working and playing with this trio brings me to my happy place of creating. It helps me give birth to something beautiful that stems from my heart and soul. It gives me a sense of being playfully in control. It gives me a sense of freedom. It lets me be my most authentic self. It lets me be me.

I observed it to be true that when you finally embrace who you are and finally decide to do what you're designed to do, doors to many positive things will come your way. These are bonuses for being able to do what you love  (which is already the reward in itself if you really think about it).

Crafting with this trio continuously leads me to meet and connect with awesome people, make new friends and be presented with great  opportunities/experiences.

Speaking of great opportunities, I'd been given the chance to fulfil a childhood dream of being a teacher, an arts and crafts teacher to be exact, at YTC (Your Tutorial Center) Antipolo. It was really amazing to meet people who share the same passion in enriching people's lives through teaching. The people behind YTC Antipolo are exactly like that.

Aside from the academic tutorials that they are offering, we'll be conducting workshops on papercrafts such as origami, popup cards, paper flowers, etc., I'm really excited about our projects!
We recently participated in Assumption Antipolo school fair last Jan. 8 to 9, 2016 to promote our incoming workshops happening this Feb. 7, 2016. We conducted free origami tutorials during the fair. It was a great experience! I love the light and happy energy of the young ladies who participated in our workshops.

Our booth display during Assumption Antipolo Fair.

Young ladies and I during our mini origami tutorial.
Young Assumptionistas showing the lucky stars they made during our mini origami tutorial.

And for all of these, I am beyond grateful. Armed with these blessings, I am positive that I can make my 2016 and the coming years fruitful & productive. 

I commit myself to my craft wholeheartedly, and I am to remain faithful as long as I live. May my craft and I be of benefit to many people.

See you again next time! 

- Leeanne ;)

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Upcycled Paper Doiley Flowers

White, mint green and blue paper doiley flowers. These I made for 'Manila Art Market', an art fair event/scene that was created for a local TV hit series, On The Wings of Love. The scene was aired last November 3, 2015. One of these blue paper doiley flowers was even held by Clark (portrayed by James Reid) during the art scene. *swoon x 1000!* :)

Hello friends!

It's been a while and I'd like to make it up to you by sharing something pretty and cheery.

As evident in my posts, I'm a huge fan of paper. I use it in almost all of the arts & crafts that I do. It's so simple, unassuming and easy to use as an art medium.

Aside from paper cutting, I also love doing paper mache and paper flowers. And my latest obsession is paper flower making. There are a lot of tutorials on the web as to how to make paper flowers so you are free to choose whatever you fancy.

I styled a baptismal party last August, and one of the props I used for styling are paper doileys. I dyed it in 3 graduating shades and used it as a photo wall backdrop. I've consumed about 500-600 pcs for the said event. As a person who care for the environment, I always aim to reuse my props again and again (as is or altered a bit). And I wanted to start with the dyed doileys since I find it very pretty. I thought of turning it into paper flowers since it is rounded in shape, it's easy to make flower petals from it. I also like that it has cutout patterns, as it will surely add texture and character to the final piece.

Below are a few of my works. Enjoy! :)

'Til next time!

- Leeanne ;)

White and mint green upcycled paper doiley flowers.
How the cut pieces look before assembling and gluing.

Blue (my favorite color!) paper doiley flowers.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Handmade Wire Clips/Bookmarks

Hello friends!

Today I like to share with you another favorite arts & crafts medium of mine. I was introduced to this medium when I attended a fashion accessories/beading workshop two years ago.

I am talking about aluminum wire used in jewelry making (and in other art forms).

I didn't like it at first because I find it hard to use/manipulate/shape, especially the thick ones, so it wasn't my favorite material to use in my jewelry creations.

And then a few months before Christmas of last year (2014), as I was sorting/cleaning my big craft materials box, I saw a left over roll of wire idly sitting in it and I was suddenly inspired to do something beautiful and useful out of it.

As I have decided to live creatively each day of my life, I have this thing of wanting to make art functional.

I like a quote by Moshe Mikanovsky that says, 'You see, art always has a purpose, whether it is functional or emotional, it is there to do something. Find what it is that your art does, and you will find your niche.'

He is very much correct. Every art has a function, whether it be emotional or physical, and I like to create art that caters to both, however simple it may be. I believe that every art gives a great impact to an appreciative

So, I decided to form nature-inspired shapes and messages or affirmative words out of it and thought of using it as bookmarks since I love to read. This idea may not be new, as wire bookmarks are already available in the market, but there is something fulfilling in making the things that you need and it's a bonus when others appreciate it too.

Airplane & camera wire clips/bookmarks.
*the book used in this photo is entitled: 'Simple, Conquering the Crisis of Complexity' by Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn
Coffee & cupcake clips/bookmarks
*the book used in this photo is entitled: 'Simple, Conquering the Crisis if Complexity' by Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn

I posted my early works in social media and it was well received. I still have a lot so I decided to make some more as Christmas gifts to my highschool friends. We had an early Christmas party and when I gave them their wire bookmarks, they started placing orders to be given as gifts to their friends as well! :) And then more (custom) orders came in. 

This year, I decided to make new designs and these are the ones shown in this post.

Guitar, coffee & cupcake wire clips

Coffee clips

I came to love using/manipulating aluminum wires because I realized its versatility and that yes, it can be easy to use, just pick a thickness or wire gauge that you are comfortable using. I use wire gauge #18 for my bookmarks/clips.

So there, get creative and make your own designs!

Leeanne :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keep on Making

Recycled white paper doiley flowers (photo 1, styled a bit messy but still pretty)

Hello friends!

Today I like to share with you how my love of making (arts & crafts) is continually making me the kind person I wanted to become. Every art I make mirrors who I am. It had been a quiet, supportive and comforting witness to my thoughts and emotions.

I may have said it many times that crafting/making is what makes me feel alive. It is my way of showing my authentic self. Every little thing I make reflects who I am and what I feel. It has in it my hopes, aspirations, joy, love & compassion. And it is my sincere hope that my art communicate these messages effectively to every person it reaches.

I make art daily or as much as I can. I just keep on making art. I make art when I'm happy or even when I feel hurt. I make art when I'm certain or when I'm looking for clarity. It helps me process thoughts more clearly. I make art when I'm grateful as well as when I'm clueless and humbly praying for extra grace to handle things I think I can't do on my own.

Making has become a spiritual act for me. It helps me to genuinely connect with my own self, with the people around me and especially, it helps me connect with God.

Making art is my home. I continue to make no matter what.

Recycled paper doiley flowers (photo 2).

Using this gift consistently and whole-heartedly made me become a better person. The kind that I like. Calm, grounded, open, more loving, understanding, resilient and persistent.

I hope that you are also consistently making. Making music, making novels, making whatever it is that makes your heart and soul light up.

Leeanne :)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upcycled Adornments

Hello friends!

Today I'd like to share something different from what I normally do.

This, I can identify as my secondary passion (as mentioned in my previous posts, a few years back I realized that paper cutting is my first love!).

The craft I'm talking about is jewelry making. I took a short break from doing this passion and made time to discover and do other crafts I think I like (and discovered my love for paper cutting :)). And only recently, I had an opportunity again to practice this craft. I guess jewelry designing/making will always be a part of my craftsy life.

Two nights ago,  as I was cleaning my big 'craft materials box', I saw a boho-themed Y necklace w/c was given to me by my aunt. And as one of my favorite things to do, I disassembled the whole piece and started making new and 'improved' design studies out of the dismantled components. As I was working in the wee hours of the night, I realized I still love making jewelry. I still love mixing and matching different metal components, semi-precious stones, cords, chains, etc. to create a wearable piece of art.

So, here are the outputs: 4 hippie bracelets from one old and slightly outdated necklace with foliage handmade papercuts for it's background. ;) *fresh water pearl + blue agate beads were added to breathe new life to the old components*

And this one here is my favorite among the four upcycled bracelets I made. It is simple and elegant, I'd wear this as a day and night jewelry. How about you? :)

Talk to you again soon.

-Leeanne :)

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