Monday, September 7, 2015

Handmade Wire Clips/Bookmarks

Hello friends!

Today I like to share with you another favorite arts & crafts medium of mine. I was introduced to this medium when I attended a fashion accessories/beading workshop two years ago.

I am talking about aluminum wire used in jewelry making (and in other art forms).

I didn't like it at first because I find it hard to use/manipulate/shape, especially the thick ones, so it wasn't my favorite material to use in my jewelry creations.

And then a few months before Christmas of last year (2014), as I was sorting/cleaning my big craft materials box, I saw a left over roll of wire idly sitting in it and I was suddenly inspired to do something beautiful and useful out of it.

As I have decided to live creatively each day of my life, I have this thing of wanting to make art functional.

I like a quote by Moshe Mikanovsky that says, 'You see, art always has a purpose, whether it is functional or emotional, it is there to do something. Find what it is that your art does, and you will find your niche.'

He is very much correct. Every art has a function, whether it be emotional or physical, and I like to create art that caters to both, however simple it may be. I believe that every art gives a great impact to an appreciative

So, I decided to form nature-inspired shapes and messages or affirmative words out of it and thought of using it as bookmarks since I love to read. This idea may not be new, as wire bookmarks are already available in the market, but there is something fulfilling in making the things that you need and it's a bonus when others appreciate it too.

Airplane & camera wire clips/bookmarks.
*the book used in this photo is entitled: 'Simple, Conquering the Crisis of Complexity' by Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn
Coffee & cupcake clips/bookmarks
*the book used in this photo is entitled: 'Simple, Conquering the Crisis if Complexity' by Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn

I posted my early works in social media and it was well received. I still have a lot so I decided to make some more as Christmas gifts to my highschool friends. We had an early Christmas party and when I gave them their wire bookmarks, they started placing orders to be given as gifts to their friends as well! :) And then more (custom) orders came in. 

This year, I decided to make new designs and these are the ones shown in this post.

Guitar, coffee & cupcake wire clips

Coffee clips

I came to love using/manipulating aluminum wires because I realized its versatility and that yes, it can be easy to use, just pick a thickness or wire gauge that you are comfortable using. I use wire gauge #18 for my bookmarks/clips.

So there, get creative and make your own designs!

Leeanne :)

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  1. cool. love it.but how do you make them. could U show some tutorials.