Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keep on Making

Recycled white paper doiley flowers (photo 1, styled a bit messy but still pretty)

Hello friends!

Today I like to share with you how my love of making (arts & crafts) is continually making me the kind person I wanted to become. Every art I make mirrors who I am. It had been a quiet, supportive and comforting witness to my thoughts and emotions.

I may have said it many times that crafting/making is what makes me feel alive. It is my way of showing my authentic self. Every little thing I make reflects who I am and what I feel. It has in it my hopes, aspirations, joy, love & compassion. And it is my sincere hope that my art communicate these messages effectively to every person it reaches.

I make art daily or as much as I can. I just keep on making art. I make art when I'm happy or even when I feel hurt. I make art when I'm certain or when I'm looking for clarity. It helps me process thoughts more clearly. I make art when I'm grateful as well as when I'm clueless and humbly praying for extra grace to handle things I think I can't do on my own.

Making has become a spiritual act for me. It helps me to genuinely connect with my own self, with the people around me and especially, it helps me connect with God.

Making art is my home. I continue to make no matter what.

Recycled paper doiley flowers (photo 2).

Using this gift consistently and whole-heartedly made me become a better person. The kind that I like. Calm, grounded, open, more loving, understanding, resilient and persistent.

I hope that you are also consistently making. Making music, making novels, making whatever it is that makes your heart and soul light up.

Leeanne :)

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