Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Happy Trio

Hello friends! Hello 2016! :)

I already have said countless times that I love working with paper as an art medium, and I'm not sure if I have included its cousin, white glue, to my favorite craft materials aside from craft knives/scissors. So there, I've said it. I am a huge fan of this trio ever since I decided to finally embrace my artsy-craftsy-happy-self.

••Paper, craft knife/scissors & white glue••

Let me tell you how I see my happy trio;

A delicate thing to work with, a sharp tool to manipulate it and something kind of liquid to bind or connect it all together to form something new and amazing.

Working and playing with this trio brings me to my happy place of creating. It helps me give birth to something beautiful that stems from my heart and soul. It gives me a sense of being playfully in control. It gives me a sense of freedom. It lets me be my most authentic self. It lets me be me.

I observed it to be true that when you finally embrace who you are and finally decide to do what you're designed to do, doors to many positive things will come your way. These are bonuses for being able to do what you love  (which is already the reward in itself if you really think about it).

Crafting with this trio continuously leads me to meet and connect with awesome people, make new friends and be presented with great  opportunities/experiences.

Speaking of great opportunities, I'd been given the chance to fulfil a childhood dream of being a teacher, an arts and crafts teacher to be exact, at YTC (Your Tutorial Center) Antipolo. It was really amazing to meet people who share the same passion in enriching people's lives through teaching. The people behind YTC Antipolo are exactly like that.

Aside from the academic tutorials that they are offering, we'll be conducting workshops on papercrafts such as origami, popup cards, paper flowers, etc., I'm really excited about our projects!
We recently participated in Assumption Antipolo school fair last Jan. 8 to 9, 2016 to promote our incoming workshops happening this Feb. 7, 2016. We conducted free origami tutorials during the fair. It was a great experience! I love the light and happy energy of the young ladies who participated in our workshops.

Our booth display during Assumption Antipolo Fair.

Young ladies and I during our mini origami tutorial.
Young Assumptionistas showing the lucky stars they made during our mini origami tutorial.

And for all of these, I am beyond grateful. Armed with these blessings, I am positive that I can make my 2016 and the coming years fruitful & productive. 

I commit myself to my craft wholeheartedly, and I am to remain faithful as long as I live. May my craft and I be of benefit to many people.

See you again next time! 

- Leeanne ;)

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