Tuesday, June 16, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary Papercut

Obet & Tita Gualberto

Question, how will you feel when you were asked to create something special as a 50th golden wedding anniversary to 2 special persons in your life?

I was honored, flattered and my gratitude is sky high when my uncle commissioned me to do this for my granduncle & grandaunt as a gift on their golden wedding anniversary. Fifty (50) years of marriage, WOW! I am simply out of words.

I am always beyond happy to do my craft and it always give me joy when people see it as something really special and worthy as a gift to people they love. As I had been very vocal about, my goal with my craft is to serve people by giving joy and inspiration. I feel that that's the very reason God gave me this talent, this gift. :)

For this project, I searched for their (very old) wedding album and used it as reference for the kind of wedding attire and hairstyles they wore on their wedding day, 50 years ago.

Size of the cut paper is 8.5" x 11" and I used a 90gsm white acid free paper for preservation purposes. Non acid free paper tends to get yellow and brittle overtime. I don't want that to happen to my artworks.
An art piece that was done with great love deserves the use of appropriate kind of paper (or art materials) for generations to appreciate. I then glued some parts of it onto a blue-colored paper for it's background as requested by my uncle (client).

The papercut features their wedding date, name of the church where they got married, a sweet note that's essential in their wonderful married life and the houses they built for their lovely family.

Here are more photos of the papercut. Enjoy! :)

Close up of their wedding attire.

Their wedding date: June 12, 1965 (Philippine Independence Day)            

Pinamalayan Orr. Mindoro Catholic Church is the church where they got married.

'To Love And To Cherish' 

Their rest house in Antipolo City.

Their house in Bacood, Sta. Mesa Manila (I love that it has so many windows).

-Leeanne :-)

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