Sunday, April 5, 2015


Day 1 of My #100DaysOfMakingPapercutsOrPapercutPatterns

Hello friends! :)

Today I'm sharing with you my first papercut artwork for Elle Luna & The Great Discontent's #100DayProject  (click the link to know more about it, especially if you want to participate, which I encourage you to do. :))

I commit myself to make 100 papercuts or papercut patterns for this creative challenge and my own unique hashtag is #100DaysOfMakingPapercutsOrPapercutPatterns :) I wanted to start with something that has the word 'create' because that's what I do. That's what I love to do and that's what fires me up. 

I am excited and scared about this journey. What will this bring? Will I be able to participate until the end? Will I make it to the 100th day? Where will I get the inspiration and drive to commit to this every single day? To name a few scary questions and uncertainties in my mind, BUT, one thing I'm certain of is that I want to take on this challenge. I wanna do this! This is a bit the same to my life goal which is to create something beautiful and of great value everyday (and to inspire people through it). The special thing about this project is that there is a public accountability. I don't even know if I can do this without an accountability, unless I'm super duper disciplined, which I aim to be. Each of us announced our commitment and participation in this project and I believe that this move will play a big role in helping us make it until the end. Not to say that the 100th day is the most important day of all in this journey, I believe that every struggle, process and development within the 100 days are gold as well. I hope there will be lots of encouragement and inspiration among all of us who joined and I'm excited about the things I will learn, discover and produce for this '100 Days of Making' challenge. 

This is a photo I posted on my Instagram account when I announced my participation in this challenge. 

And this picture shows #TheGreatDiscontent 's comment on my post! I was so thankful and flattered for their encouragement! :) 

Let's do this!!! :)

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