Friday, March 27, 2015

Wedding-themed Papercuts

A wedding proposal papercut.
 My 8th wedding papercut.

Hello friends!

Today I'd like to talk about my most in-demand papercuts a.k.a. my wedding-themed papercuts.
'Wedding papercut' is basically a personalized papercut design that is composed of an illustration of the lovely couple, usually in their wedding attire, their names, details of the wedding, like date and venue plus a sweet note or the couple's wedding tagline (ex. 'to have & to hold', 'happily ever after'). 

The papercuts that I do are mostly typographic - usually name papercuts,  affirmations and famous quotes that I strongly resonate with, but really, the most requested are the wedding-themed ones. The first ever papercut I gifted to a relative is actually a wedding papercut! As of this writing, I've already made 10 wedding-themed papercuts.

A wedding proposal papercut (unframed version of the photo above).
 My 8th wedding papercut.

I'm happy when people show love and appreciation to their loved ones by giving valuable presents. I love it that most people now are giving importance on gift-giving. I noticed that many people these days are more inclined to gifting personalized, well-thought-out and handmade presents, especially as a wedding gift. I think these 3 key factors in gift giving in general, are important. I believe that in order for a gift to be really special, it must be given an extra thought. It must be tailored to the recipient. And it has to have warmth, which is best provided by handmade creations.

The impact is greater because there is meaning.

People love things with meanings.

People appreciate things that are meaningful to them. 

People love things that give joy to their heart and spirit.

The intangible value that papercuts or, in this case, wedding papercuts give to the newly-wedded couple is priceless.

'Sigfred & Yami'
My 5th wedding papercut.

A Save the Date papercut I made for my cousin who got married this March 2015. This is my 7th wedding papercut.

'Jason & Myra'
My 9th wedding papercut.

It captures a very special and memorable moment in their life and it will serve as a reminder of their joyful union. And everyday, when they look at it, it will serve as a precious memento that will make their love and bond stronger. 

Leeanne ;-)


  1. Hey I just love these Wedding-themed Paper cuts!! I would love to use these patterns for my wedding invitations. Actually I am getting married by the end of this year at one of domestic venues for weddings in Los Angeles. Thanks dear for sharing these patterns!

    1. Hi Mark! Thank you and congratulations in advance on your wedding! :) I'm glad you like my papercut artworks. Feel free to use these patterns as a design inspiration/peg (only) for your wedding invites. :)