Saturday, February 28, 2015

Name Game

Hello! Welcome to Happy to Leekha! :)

Just a short story on why I chose 'Happy to Leekha' as the name of my blog. Likha is a Filipino word for make or create, and I just incorporated  Lee, my nickname, to it to somehow 'make it my own' and added the word happy, which best describe how I feel everytime I make or create something beautiful. So, Happy to Leekha means (I am) happy to make/create.

Happy to Leekha is an arts & crafts blog that aims to bring joy and inspiration to people through my handmade papercuts and other paper crafts. I believe that using and sharing my God-given gifts which are creativity and good craftmanship (or patience) to serve and inspire others is what I was born to do. I also believe that beautiful, well-thought out and well-crafted things can enrich people's lives through the warmth, inspiration and joy it brings. And if enriching people's lives will help contribute to make a better and happy world, then the more I want to continue doing what I do best. Cheers! :)

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